Hangry: Snacking Healthy?

H A N G R Y: The act of becoming angry due to hunger. Cure? Snacks, many of them.

healthysnacksIf you’re a busy student working hard, working out hard and trying to keep fitness on track, it can be really, really, hard to always be eating healthy; but a huge tip I can give you is to keep healthy snacks on hand all the time to prevent hungry outburst!!!

Featured on my blog before, I’m a huge fan of Primal Pantry Paleo Bars, they’re nice and little but satisfying and come in a good range of flavours – the coconut macadamia is my favourite! These bars are fairly inexpensive and can be bought from Holland & Barrett as well as a number of health and fitness stores. These are great for HANGRY moments when you need something sick and easy…rather than grabbing the nearest chocolate bar. Read a full review here.


Bounce Balls – one of the first ‘healthy snacks’ I discovered. These little balls good-for-you ingredients and some with protein were literally made for the busy snacker in all of us! These nutritious little balls are the perfect blend of chewy and crunchy; coming in at between 170 and 240 kcal’s each and some with 10g of protein, and some with exciting superfoods such as Spirulina.


And finally, some new finds: Nature Crops Quinoa Bar and Power Bars, both perfect before a workout. I find these fill me up to feeling satisfied yet able to workout without feeling too full 30 minutes later. They can be found on the Holland and Barrett website. So, moral of the post? Stock up on your healthy and yummy snacks that you’ll actually want to eat when you start to get hangry!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Calanon says:

    Always tricky to find healthy snacks! Will certainly be giving some of these a try!!

    1. Very true! Oh great!!

  2. Beanie Russell says:


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