‘Get Your Greens’ in Juice

IMG_9136For some of us, getting enough greens in the day can be a challenge, but it’s so beneficial for your health so finding an easy way to do so will help you out in getting lots of vitamins and minerals every day.

This green juice is great to have with breakfast as it’s slightly sweet, packed full of things your body will love and will make you feel SO good for having a healthy start to your day. The pineapple is not only good for digestion but also gives the juice a sweet and refreshing taste. Ginger is excellent for firing up your metabolism whilst easing your stomach.


BLEND UP: Handful of Spinach, Handful of Pineapple, Half an Apple, Ginger (as much as you like!) and Coconut Water. Add Ice to make it a little icy!!

Normal water can be used however Coconut Water is full of essential electrolytes which are great if you have this after a workout! It is also extremely hydrating so can help to cleanse the body.

Try it out and let me know what you think!! – C. 

Instagram: @cecfit    @the_cecily_russell



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