Fitting Fitness In

18405488_1293187244122345_839439120_oHello!!! Long time no talk. But I’m back with a bunch of new content to help you on your health and fitness journey. I sit here, coffee in hand, and couldn’t decide what to write my ‘comeback’ post about.. until I realised it’s because theres so much going through my mind because I am just SO busy – aren’t we all?!

So, with our busy lives how do we fit fitness in? Right now I’m trying to juggle friends, boyfriend, family, A Levels, new job, workouts… and so much more but I’ll tell you what allows me to fit fitness in: COMMITMENT. I am committed to being fit and healthy, I am committed to feeling strong and have stamina and so I make sure it gets done and that I enjoy it. I guess what I really need to talk about is how to get committed because without it, you won’ make time for your workouts….

If you are committed and you want this then you must make sure that you’re enjoying what you’re doing! Why waste an hour on a treadmill if your bored out of your mind and think weights look far more fun: stop thinking about the fact that you’ve never used them before, commit to yourself and make it a goal to learn.

And that really is all there is to it, commitment and enjoyment. No one’s going to get fit for you, you do it for yourself, put in the hard work and you will see results. If you want to get fit you will make time for it, I promise. Learn to enjoy the time for you and you’ll crave it.. I know I do!

If you want some daily motivation make sure to keep up with my fitness Instagram: @cecfit

What do you want to see on here next? – C. 

PS: Thank you to my gorgeous boyfriend for painstakingly taking picture after picture until we got one I liked!! ❤


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