Instead Of A Diet

With the health in industry being one of the most profitable fields of the time, estimated to be worth over $24.2 billion in 2014, every brand is trying to sell you something; your quick fix, the ideal diet, supplements to ‘get abs’, you name it. But what if there were some easier ways to get healthier, fitter, toned without going on a DIET?! Well, turns out there are. Tried and tested by me, I can assure you these small changes will help you on your way to your fitness goals wether they’re aesthetic, mental or physical.img_9758

1. Water. Drink it, always. People don’t tell you to drink more water just for the fun of it, it really does work. If your not a fan of the  plain stuff, try adding frozen berries for a little twist. Water is essential to helping your body clear out toxins and function properly to a state in which you will be able to build muscle and prevent unnecessary fat storing. Not to mention, your skin will thank you.

2. Exercise. Pretty obvious huh? For the most part, its extremely more preferable to exercise regularly and enjoyably than extreme dieting. Wether you want to go total gym-lover with HIIT workouts and strength training, or even a long walk 4 to 5 times a week you will reap benefits.

3. Clean up your eating. In no way does this mean you should stop eating white bread, chocolate and cake because everything in moderation will not prevent you seeing results. By ‘cleaning up’ your diet you could be including more whole foods, vegetables and complex carbs to fuel your body with everything it needs to recover after workouts and function well.

What are your secret tips to staying healthy without dieting?


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