So What Do You Do After HIIT?

img_9127HIIT, high intensity interval training, is one of the most effective fat burning and total body toning workout styles for every fitness level. Short bursts of intense exercise followed by short ‘active rest’ intervals is an ideal workout structure to get you sweating and trigger an afterburn affect – so you’ll be spiking your metabolism for optimum calorie burn even after your workout. It’s all good and well having your workout structure sound, but what do you really need to do after HIIT to reap the benefits?

Gradually allowing heart rate and body temperature to return to a normal level after intense exercise is essential to prevent dizziness (from sudden stillness) and a cool down is the best way to do this. Stretches, gentle yoga or even slow paced walking on a treadmill are effective ways of cooling down – making sure you take at least 5 minutes to do this properly.

A good HIIT workout should leave you at least a little sweaty and through sweating you loose a lot of hydration from your body. When you are dehydrates your body can not function at its highest level or transport nutrients to keep you healthy and energised; so it’s super important to hydrate after HIIT – water is best.

Workouts exhaust your carbohydrate stores in your body, particularly HIIT, and so its essential to eat a good, clean meal or at least a substantial snack to replenish your energy levels as well as giving your muscles the protein they need to repair. Try to balance some form of carbohydrate, vegetables, fats and protein.

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