iQ Chocolate: Healthy Indulgence?

A few weeks ago I discovered iQ Chocolate on Instagram (@iqchocolate , definitely give them a follow for healthy recipe inspiration) and was so happy so be able to try out their chocolate! IQ have a superfood chocolate status as the ingredients in their bars have real proven health benefits – so yes, you can eat chocolate and feel good about it!


I’d choose dark chocolate over milk chocolate any day (except when it comes to the occasional Snickers bar maybe) so was super excited to try these – the packaging is gorgeous with health benefits added all over the bright wrappers. With a huge range of flavours available it’d be hard to find one that doesn’t tempt you just a little…or probably a lot; flavours include:

  • Original bean-to-bar
  • Lusciously lovely lime
  • Plush Peppermint
  • Espresso Kick
  • Orange & Wild Rasberry
  • Cacao-Nib-Crunch
  • BeautiQ
  • YogiQ

So what’s really inside? All iQ bars are Nut Free, Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free and Soya Free as well as having low GI (glycemic index). They are carefully created from the most pure ingredients and so are full of health benefits:

  • High in Fibre: aids digestion
  • High in manganese, copper and phosphorus: contribute to normal energy yielding metabolism and maintenance of good skin and hair condition.
  • Source of magnesium: aids in reduction of tiredness and fatigue

The bars are also sweetened with coconut blossom which itself is high in magnesium, potassium, zinc and iron and so is classed a superfood. I’ve been loving to break a square off a bar and put it on top of oatmeal with frozen berries for a sweet breakfast and am hopefully going to try out some healthy tart recipes with iQ bars this week!

When working so hard on your workout routine, everyone deserves an indulgence and iQ is Chocolate is the perfect solution – you can literally have your cake and eat it too! Enjoy the delicious chocolate whilst nourishing your body.

  • Unfortunately I had so many lush pictures of all the bars but have misplaced my memory card 😦

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