The Primal Pantry Paleo Bars

Healthy snacks are so important in helping you lead a healthier lifestyle and have a balanced diet, impulse snacking can often make or break your health and fitness goals. This is why I love to write about new healthy snack discoveries and was delighted to try out these vegan, paleo, refined sugar free and vegetable oil free snack bars from The Primal Pantry.

img_9043Hazelnut & Cocoa – Let’s start with my favourite shall we? This bar is so deliciously cocoa-ey, a good size and filling. It has a real cocoa taste rather than cocoa “flavouring”. You can see big chunks of nuts and so is satisfying to eat due to nice mouthfuls of texture!

Coconut & Macadamia – I’ve tried a number of health snacks with these two ingredients and have never thought much of them so was sceptical about this bar. ~Plot twist~, this bar is super delicious, mostly due to the really natural coconut taste, rather than just a hint of coconut. It has a great slightly chewy but a little crunchy texture from macadamia and coconut pieces; so it doesn’t feel like you’re just eating a bunch of mushed up ingredients.img_9029Apple & Pecan – This one I ate before my workout yesterday and it fuelled me up really well! It has as a warm, cinnamon flavour that resembles apple pie and so is great for when you fancy something that tastes like a treat. Again, it has a great texture with larger pieces in it too which I love. I find a lot of apple flavours can taste artificial but this one is very real and has a natural taste.

img_9030My favourite part of The Primal Pantry bars is the fact that the flavours are true to nature, they taste of actual cocoa, actual hazelnut and actual coconut which is different from many natural snack bars that can just feel as though you’re eating a bunch of mushed up ingredients.

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