Trying Out The Protein Ball Co.

img_8985One of the most important aspects of health and fitness is nutrition; nourishing and fuelling your body with the right foods is essential to staying healthy and gaining the most out of your workouts. Pre and post workout snacks are great to have on hand if you can’t reach a meal right away or are on-the-go and I’m a sucker for the protein balls available at the moment. Browsing Holland & Barrett’s snack aisle I found The Protein Ball Co’s products and decided to give them a go.

The protein Ball Co produce natural, high protein snacks that suit so many different lifestyles:

We promise to only bring you natural, raw, protein-packed goodness. We offer a range of organic proteins within our whey, vegan and Paleo protein balls using unique flavour combinations. Our protein balls are stacked with benefits: gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, wheat-free, no GMOs, no added sugar and completely natural” 


Their branding is cute and eye-catching with a huge range of flavours available, I picked up three:

Acai and Coconut. This flavour is totally vegan and contains hemp & pea protein. It has a subtle flavour of berries and quite a chewy texture with crunchy coconut on the outside so is nice and satisfying to eat. Great for post workout handy snack with 13% protein.img_8976Peanut Butter. I knew that these would be my favourite before even trying them as I’m obsessed with PB! I wasn’t wrong, they’re so yummy and taste of actual peanut butter with peanut chunks too and they have 10g of protein so are perfect post workout. Quite Chewy and filling, I could eat these all day!!img_8974Coconut and Macadamia. With the same texture as the others and a delicious subtle coconut nutty flavour these almost beat the peanut butter flavour to my favourite…ALMOST! Equally as delicious as the others, these are 22% protein. img_8975

What are your favourite protein snacks?!


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