How Do You Start Your Fitness Journey?

FitnessJourneyFirst things first, note how I titled this post ‘journey’? That’s because fitness, inner and outer health and acceptance is a long journey.. there are no quick fixes, weight loss magic tricks or easy ways forward, it takes time, hard work and dedication and that’s something I’ve really learnt in the past year. However, this process can be pretty daunting because, whatever stage of fitness you’re at, where do you start? Well, the key ingredient is motivation.

I see a lot of blogs stating that if you just want to get fit for how it looks on the outside (abs, healthier figure e.t.c) then that’s wrong, well I have to disagree. I’ll be honest that I started working out because I just wanted to ‘look’ fitter but in time I learnt that it was also my mindset that was changing, and my inner health rather that just purely exterior improvements. So, if you are just starting to workout and eat well because you want to shed a few pounds, or tone up your body then that’s perfectly fine; and equally if you’re starting to workout because you want to take care of yourself inside and out then that’s perfectly fine too or if it’s both then good on you! Now that’s all cleared up let’s get on with how you can start your journey.

As I mentioned earlier, you’ll need some motivation, a good mindset and must set realistic goals. If you’ve never been on a run in your life then I would not recommend your first workout to be a 10k run because chances are you’ll not achieve it. In all honestly, it is very simple to start, forget a lot of planning, a detailed workout timetable or endlessly searching online for workout plans… you really must just START! Start with deciding what you want to do.. go to the gym, do some HIIT, go on a run or even simple yoga and just give it a go. You do not need a fancy gym membership, endless amounts of workout gear or a personal trainer to get fit.

Start small and slowly increase your workout intensity and number of workouts per week. There are a huge amount of workout videos on youtube which are brilliant; particularly FitnessBlender who have workouts for beginners and even low impact ones if you’re not a fan of a lot of jumping around, read my post about them here. If you prefer to do your own thing then try just getting your trainers on and going outside for a run (let me know if you’d like a post on my top running tips). If you can only do 10 minutes of on and off running then thats okay because you will improve, I promise. If you have trouble motivating yourself then take a look at my post about finding inspiration here.

If you have any questions do comment below!

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  1. Beanie Russell says:

    Very good bloooooog!

  2. JB West says:

    Such good advice! We just need to start!

    1. Thank you! Yes, exactly 🙂

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