Healthy Skin/Hair/Body Mango Goji Berry Smoothie Bowl

IMG_8776Smoothie bowls are a huge craze in the instagram world at the moment and I personally am obsessed with them too! Not only do they look pretty and make you feel all good and healthy but fruits in the morning provides your body with a plethora with healthy nutrients and vitamins for optimal skin, hair and overall bodily health. After my morning yoga today, I whipped up a simple but delicious smoothie bowl in my nutribullet to stat my weekend right!

I USED: half a mango, one large banana, tablespoon of low-fat natural frozen yoghurt, heaped teaspoon of Bioglan Green Boost, big teaspoon of Goji berries and a large dash of unsweetened almond milk. I also topped my bowl with more mango, goji berries, silvered almonds and a little granola.

Mangoes contain lots of fibre which is super beneficial for your digestion and is a great alternative to sugar filled cereals with fibre for breakfast; they also contain Vitamin A which helps to keep skin and hair moisturised. Bananas, apart from creating a delicious creamy texture, contain tryptophan which is converted into serotonin – the happy mood brain neurotransmitter which will help keep your mood up! The Bioglan green boost is a powder packed with nutrient dense greens and also provides a natural detox due to a high chlorophyll content (this is what made the smoothie so green!). Goji berries, one of my favourite sweet superfoods, are high in Vitamin C and fibre and are low in calories; they have also been used in Chinese medicine for centuries to treat eye, liver and kidney problems.

Do you like smothie bowls?

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