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IMG_4864Drinking my second coffee, sat in a coffee shop on a Sunday afternoon studying, I began to start thinking about my upcoming week.. my exams are starting on TOMORROW. I have begun realise that I’m really growing up. In a few months I will start college (6th form) and I will be studying courses I have chosen, things I really enjoy. And I am so excited. I’m so excited to have more freedom, and to feel motivated to do well in my final years of school.

Although I am excited, I look back on the last 5 years of my life in Secondary School and realise how fast they have gone, let alone this past year. I also look back on how I felt this time last year and realise how much things have changed, how many opportunities have risen and how many things I have overcome. On some level, it seems so many things have happened and I haven’t had time to really live them..if that makes sense? Sometimes things happen so fast that you do not really have time to realise that they are happening because you are just waiting for the ‘next thing’. I’m not thinking about this moment because I’m thinking about the end of my exams, or even I’m not thinking about this precise moment because I’m thinking about what I’ll study when I get back home.

And I realise from these thoughts that we all tend to do this, we get swept up in what will happen next? What will I do later? What’s my next move? What time will I wake up tomorrow? When we really should remember that life happens now.. life is happening right now and we really must live it. Sometimes I stop for a second and realise that I have no plan, I have no ulterior motive, if you like, for my next few years, what am I working towards? What will I do next? And I wonder if it’s better to live in the seconds of every day or to be working towards something bigger.

So, how do you live your life? Are you a forward thinker or do you live in the seconds?


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  1. I’ve always been a bit in between, I worry way to much, but often sort of just tell myself that I can worry about things later! Haha.

    1. I get the same, that’s a great thing to tell yourself hahaha!

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