My Health Story

It has been just over one year now that I have been very focused on my health and fitness, it has become a huge part of my life and also improved every aspect of it, from my body and skin to my mindset, energy levels and grades. So, I have decided to incorporate much more fitness and health posts into my blog and will be sharing my healthy and fitness secrets and tips! But today I’m going to be sharing my health story..

As a baby I was super chubby and fat, like a big buddha! Then as I was a toddler I was the same, but in a healthy cute baby way until I naturally started slimming out. From then on for the next few years living in Egypt and after that too obviously my mum was ‘in charge’ of what I ate and did and so I was as healthy as any other kid my age.

After moving back from Egypt, I started growing really quickly and became quite tall and I HATED it, I would come back home from school to my mum and cry because I thought I was a giant! A few years later I decided I wanted to become vegetarian, but as I don’t eat much eggs or milk this didn’t last long as I became too thin, I would wobble on my legs!

After the next few years, I moved schools and then started Secondary School at 11. It was from here that I’d started getting pocket money weekly and this is where I became pretty unhealthy. The sweet shop was on my way home from school and me and my friends would go virtually EVERY DAY, it was awful! Although I have never been fat, it was my insides that were unhealthy – junk food every day will do you no good at all!

I went on like this for 2 years or so, but then something changed! I started to do cardio a few times a week and would enjoy going on the treadmill at the gym with my mum, but I was still eating junk food a lot. Eventually, before the summer of 2014 I started eating less and less junk food and doing more cardio exercise and I felt much better; but it still wasn’t a big thing. This went on for a few months until March 2015 when I got a really bad case of glandular fever which kept me off school and in bed for a month, I could hardly eat so became very tired, unhappy, weak and thinner than I already was. After my 15th birthday on the ski trip, I got back to England I decided now that I was going to get super healthy; my boyfriend was also super into fitness and ‘healthy crap’ as I called it which helped motivate me too.

I started cutting out junk food and just eating clean, nutritious food my mum would make as well as exercising every other day or so. I found Fitness Blender on youtube whose HIIT workouts would leave me sweating, sore and feeling amazing. I took care of myself so well and that resulted in me feeling amazing for my whole summer in Egypt that year.

6 months later, I have upped my workouts to 4 to 6 times a week of 30-50 minutes; I do a mixture of Fitness Blender’s HIIT, Pilates, Yoga and Strength Training workouts as well as Ballet Beautiful occasionally. I have become a healthy vegetarian again, although my BMI is naturally low, and no longer binge on sweets or junk food. In fact, since I’m vegetarian I can’t really eat much fast food or sweets anyway – but chocolate is still my guilty pleasure!

I now feel healthy, I look healthy, have a toned body that I’m always improving, my skin is better than it has ever been, my grades are seriously better than they’ve been before and most importantly I’m happy. I am really really happy because I know I am taking care of myself and my body, without limiting myself. I eat clean and lots of superfoods, drink 3 Litres of water a day, workout because it makes me feel GOOD, and if I want a piece of cake I’ll have a damn piece of cake because I CAN!

There are many health, fitness, and beauty related posts coming to CLB soon.. any suggestions? I hope this post wasn’t too rambly and I hope you’ll continue to read, learn and explore fitness related things with me.


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  1. trimwithjenn says:

    Chocolate isn’t that bad ;)! Keep up the good work! Look forward to reading your posts~

    1. Dark chocolate is actually good for you.. sort of! Thank you x

  2. I loved reading this! Makes me want to work out haha!

    1. Thanks so much! x Do 10 burpees now, it’ll make you feel good!

  3. hoiyinli says:

    I don’t follow Fitness Blender particularly but I do really like their personalities and ethos! I think they’re so lovely.

    Well done though for sticking with health and fitness. This is something that I am trying to do more consistently (mainly the exercise part) and I have found using an app to time and mark my workouts is so helpful. Can you maybe do a post on your weekly fitness routine?

    1. I think they’re great too! Thank you 🙂 That’s a good idea to use an app to time and mark your workouts, I’d also recommend investing in a FitBit as their app also does the same thing and many more.. it’s really helped me. Yes, I will do a post on a typical workout week for me, I will be posting some workouts too 😉 Stay tuned! x

  4. Herbivorous Kitten says:

    This is so inspiring! I’ve been trying to work out but have been slacking recently, now I’m motivated! :p Have you ever thought about going vegan? 🙂

    1. Haha I’m so glad it motivated you! Yes I have, I wouldn’t be able to be vegan as I struggle with a low bmi and headaches by just not eating meat already, but if I can eat something vegan I do! I love making vegan lunches and vegan protein balls!! x

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