Finding Inspiration

4d98baa068df452306003410b4c56848   Starting the New Year often comes hand in hand with New Year’s resolutions for many of us, and the key ingredient to setting, believing in and achieving your resolutions is inspiration – something that does not come readily for many of us; I saw a number of blogs sharing their ways to get inspired and so decided to share my own..

1) Social Media: Instagram/Youtube/Tumblr – As we spend so much time on social media, why not turn it into something more useful for the long term? Social media is full of all different types of #fitspo and inspiration; all you have to do is look! Follow fitness accounts, fitness bloggers, athletes, models, chefs, celebrities, people who inspire you and give you the type of motivation you need. Seeing others achieving or striving to achieve the goals you too have in mind can be hugely motivating; however do not become fixated with other accounts as you are your own person with your own body and your own goals.

2) New Clothes – Without hesitation, one of the most apparent ways in which I love to motivate myself is by putting on a new item of clothing. Whether it be a new pair of shoes or a new pair of workout leggings I find the smallest things can give you the greatest motivation to start something new or even to just do that last rep! So head for those January sales and invest in some new outfits, not necessarily bank-breaking ones, and allow yourself to feel good on the outside in order to feel good on the inside.

3) Turn It Up – I am a huge audio lover and find music to be helpful in so many different ways, it can bring me to tears and it can make me feel on top of the world! Whatever your musical taste, get up, plug in your headphones and conquer the world – ok maybe not quite literally but you get the gist! Next time your at the gym, or baking your first cake or whatever it is switch up your playlist and see how much more motivated you feel.

4) Go See The World – A little easier said than done but travelling the world is my biggest passion in life and I find it helps me to ‘see the bigger picture’ and put things into perspective. Being up in the air in an airplane can be oddly mind opening, or even taking a train journey. So whenever you can, even just for a day, get some time off work or school and go somewhere.

5) Know Why – Why do you want to do what you want to do? Don’t make a resolution just because everyone else’s doing it or because it sounds good. So before deciding on a resolution -or a few- ask yourself what the reason behind the change is. If you can’t think of a true, legitimate reason to why you’re making this commitment then you should probably stop right now.

6) Spend Some Time Alone – Spending time alone can also be hugely inspiring and motivational. Time away from the world and society can allow you to understand your aspirations and feelings a lot better; it allows you to just be present in your own thoughts without stress of others.

7) Visualize – Finally, possibly the simplest and easiest of them all is to just visualize how you want to feel and what you want to do. Imagine yourself in the position you want to be in or having the body you want, how great are you going to feel?

How do you get Inspired?

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