Breakthrough in France’s Modelling World


An official bill has been passed in France requiring models to have a medical certificate stating they are healthy, i.e. their BMI is not too low, before walking a runway or doing a photoshoot.

the state of health of the model, assessed with regard to her body mass index (BMI), is compatible with the exercise of her profession, and employers — i.e. designers and brands — who fail to provide a certificate could face up to six months in jail and a fine of €75,000 (around $81,502)

The bill also states that advertisers and magazines must state that a photo has been retouched if it has been so and must declare in fine print “retouched photograph”.

This is a phenomenal breakthrough not only France but the world of modelling as a whole. Images of bodies idolising dangerously thin physiques and retouched photos is a big problem. The unhealthy bodies of some models can heavily influence fragile younger generations and this is one small step to reduce this by not only reducing those influenced but assuring the models themselves that this is not how they ‘have’ to be.


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  1. Oh adding the ‘retouched photograph’, EVEN in fine print (small steps) is AMAZING. Thanks for sharing the news!

    1. I know – it’s brilliant!

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