When I train I like to change it up often as I get bored super quickly, I do a mixture of HIIT, Gym Sessions, Ballet Beautiful and many more.IMG_7847High Intensity Interval Training is an enhanced form of interval training consisting of short periods of intense exercise and less-intense recovery periods. But what’s so special about ‘HIIT’ you say?

  1. It’s so efficient. If being short on time is affecting your workout routines then suffer no more. HIIT workouts can start from around 5 minutes to over an hour.
  2. Burn more fat. Not only do you burn more calories during HIIT, but it speeds up your metabolism for a super boost for up to 48 hours after your workout; meaning you are still burning more calories after HIIT than you would if you went on a 1 hour steady pace run.
  3. It’s never boringor easy for that matter. If you get bored quickly, like me, then HIIT is for you. Not only does the routine change quickly but there are hundreds upon hundreds of different variations of HIIT, all consisting of different variations of exercise.
  4. You feel like a MACHINE! After completing a proper HIIT workout of around 30 minutes you will feel a m a z i n g, I promise. Don’t believe me? Try it.
  5. Strengthens your heart. Remember back to anaerobic respiration in biology class? Or maybe you’ve experienced this yourself – that delightful feeling where you literally can not breath during exercise-.. well this is anaerobic respiration and it’s healthy for your heart.

HIIT can be done anywhere, anytime – seriously. Walking to work/school? Do it HIIT style. On a run? Run HIIT style. For example if you are running try 2 minutes at your medium pace then 2 minutes at a slower jogging pace and continue for 30 minutes.

My personal favourite HIIT workouts are by Fitness Blender on youtube; they range from 5 minutes to over one hour so there is something for everyone. On a last note, HIIT does require extreme personal motivation simply due to the high intensity of the training, so if you’ve got some hard core motivation then put yourself to the test – how bad do you want it?


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  1. OMG I love the HIIT kickboxing workout by Fitness Blender on Youtube!!! It’s only about 25 minutes but it works you so hard!
    I want to try Ballet Beautiful, I used to be a dancer so I think I’d be into it!

    1. I haven’t tried the kickboxing one – I’ll do it next! Yes give Ballet Beautiful a go, if you look on youtube there are some of the videos before you buy the package on their website so you can try it out xx

      1. Awesome! Thanks for the tip!!!

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