Lotsa Lip Loving

Lip products are the first makeup item that I discovered when I was younger – I even remember the first lip balm mum  bought me! Right now I think it is fair to say I am a little, okay maybe a lot, of a lip product hoarder, so I decided to share my favourites. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed..


First up let’s start with the base, smooth soft lips are the ideal foundation for any lip product. A good lip scrub is a key component in any makeup lover’s collection, my personal favourites being the LUSH Lip Scrubs and right now I am still using their valentines day edition one. Particularly in winter I make sure to keep my lips hydrated with my two favourite lip balms: eos Vanilla Mint and Nivea Essential Care.


Now one of my favourites – lipstick! I have only recently (in the last year) started taking a fancy to lipstick over lipgloss for both practicality and range of finishes. First MAC Matte Lipstick in Pink Plaid; I have not yet worn this one much but the colour is just so gorgeous. Next, MAC’s Cremesheen Lipstick in Coral Bliss; it’s more of a summer shade but it probably my absolute favourite lipstick I own. Last but definitely not least GOSH’s Lipstick in Night Kiss*, it speaks for itself!


Now let’s move on to the ‘long wearing’ section. Starting with Rimmel 16HR Provocalips in 110 Dare To Pink and 200 I’ll Call You. They honestly are so super long wearing, and I love that you can not feel it on your lips.



Still in the long wearing section I have LipSense Long Lasting Liquid Lip Colour* and the Moisturising Gloss* that goes with it. This product has taken me a while to find the right time to really test out, but for the short times I have worn it it has not budged until it was taken off with makeup remover! It is the most gorgeous red/pink colour with an almost iridescent sheen – stunning for colder weather. Lipcote has been mentioned on CLB before but I had to include it again, you need this in your life, seriously! Any lipstick, any finish, any colour – apply a coat of lipcote over the top and it will not budge.


Finally my favourite lipgloss and a lipstick I forgot to include earlier, oops! The Laura Mercier Lip Glacé in Bare Pink is one of my favourites simply due to the gorgeous natural colour. Lastly, the ELF Lipstick in Seductive. It has a demi-matte finish and a very unique almost purple-toned red colour.

What are your favourite lip products?

PS: For some reason after i uploaded this yesterday, it changed the date to March 3 2015 so went way down the blogroll.. just uploaded again.


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  1. stashmatters says:

    I love those new EOS soft lips ones – I have the coconut milk one and it’s yummy!

    1. My sister has the coconut one too – it smells amazing!

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