The Truth About: Double Cleansing

face-water-cleanseThe most common question on double cleansing: is it really necessary?! Cleansing is a big part of the beauty world; not only what you should be using but also how often you should be using it. Everyday your skin is exposed to hundreds of thousands of different bacteria; and every time you touch your face you are cross contaminating an estimate of 100 000 other germs and thing’s you don’t want on your skin – gross, right?! This bacteria, if left on the skin for long enough, can contribute to skin problems such as blackheads, blocked pores and general acne; especially when mixed with makeup and layers of other skincare products such as suncream.

Although the double-cleansing route may seem a little OCD – especially for those of you who barely use a face wipe each night- it has good research behind it and may be your yellow brick road to glowing skin. So, double cleansing is basically the idea of cleansing your face twice at night. The first cleanse to remove makeup, suncream or your moisturiser. You may use a gentle cleansing balm or face wipe for example for this step. The second cleanse to perform a deeper cleanse of your skin, clearing out your pores as well as helping to nourish and moisturise the skin. For this step you may use a face wash or cleansing balm targeted to your skin.

Just cleansing your face once with a quick face wipe or even just a 10 second wash-on-wash-off often will not remove all the bacteria that’s accumulated on your skin during the day. On the scientific note, experts claim the skin replenishes itself between 6pm and 4am, when your skin cells are focused on renewing, hydrating and replenishing rather than protecting themselves from damage. At this time your skin should be free from makeup, SPF and other bacteria; and this can be ensured by double cleansing. Anything still present on your face between these times will slow the process down, resulting in dull, dehydrated looking skin the next morning. Sound familiar?

Next time you are about to cleanse in the evening, go for a double cleanse rather than a quick face wipe – your skin will thank you for it later!

Do you double cleanse?

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