Berry & Lemon Detox Water

IMG_7532Personally, I love to know that my body is healthy, and I try to do all I can to keep it that way; from exercise to Teatoxes and one super simple thing being to drink lots of water. Whatever ‘beauty issue’ you have, from under eye bags or dark circles, bloating, acne, dull skin or dry hair, drinking more water will most likely improve, if not fix, it. But plain water can be pretty boring and you want something tasty to drink, right?! The answer? Detox Waters!!

Here I have a super easy and simple detox water that I make often and honestly I drink so much water because of it. You get all the benefits of plain water, plus a delicious taste. You will only need: a small handful of mixed frozen berrieshalf a lemon and a large glass. The reason for using frozen berries is so that when you add the water, some of them almost rack on the edges, allowing them to infuse the water.

IMG_7531All you have to do is put the frozen berries in a glass and squeeze the juice of half a lemon (or as much as you like) in too, and there you have you detox water! Here are the more scientific reasons to why this water is great..

  • blackberries contain antioxidant properties
  • lemon is detoxify and helps purify your body, this clears out toxins
  • rasberries contain anti inflamatory properties
  • strawberries are jam packed with anti-oxidants

What are your favourite detox waters?

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