Beauty Products on Trial

Hey guys! With it being summer I always like to find the best products to feel the best, get what I mean? Well recently I have been trying out a few new beauty items so I thought I’d share with you my current products on trial..


First up, Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation – £10.99. I bought this foundation a few weeks ago to take with me on work experience as I needed a long lasting one. At the moment I have a bit of a love hate relationship with it; sometimes it’s great and others times it’s not. I loved the finish and how long it lasted on work experience but I used it last weekend again and one side of my face applied gorgeously, as usual, but the other looked cakey, patchy and I ended up taking it of and using another foundation. I’ll continue working with this and hopefully I’ll find the best way of applying it.


Next, Bio Oil – £14.99 (boots) / £7 approx (Primark). As I mentioned in my last post I picked up bio oil from Primark for around £7 which was so much cheaper than buying it from Boots or Superdrug. There’s not much I can say about this as I’ve only been using it for a short amount of time but it does have so so many uses.


Cocowhite Assorted Flavours – £19.99*. After getting my braces off around a month ago I have been paranoid about keeping my teeth as straight and healthy as possible. Cocowhite is a natural coconut oil product that you swish around your mouth and it helps to whiten your teeth with frequent use. I have used it about 3 times and I can already see a difference in the colour of my teeth. Not as white as a hollywood smile yet but certainly on the way! 


With holiday coming up I’ve been trying to keep my hair as good as possible as I’m also trying to grow it longer, I recently picked up the Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Mineral Hair Rescue Mask – £3.99. I have yet to use it but when I do I will certainly do a review, as £3.99 is amazing if it really works!

What products do you have on trial?

Big love, C .xx

*I was kindly sent this product for review, but opinion is 100% honest as always


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