Hello! I’m back with a super exciting post for you today! I recently received the most amazing bundle box from Bootea in the mail. I’m on a super health and fitness kick at the moment so being able to try out Bootea’s range is very exciting as I have heard SO much about them. If you are on instagram ( you can follow me @the_cecily_russell😉) you may have seen Bootea around, as everyone seems to be crazy about it! Bootea sells a range of health and fitness products, all of which you can get in their Bootea Bundle Box – £59.99*. 


First up are the Bootea Multivits – £11.99*. These multi vitamins contain everything you need to get the recommended daily allowance of essential vitamins and nutrients to keep your body in top condition.


Who doesn’t love a cute smoothie shaker? Next is the Bootea Shaker – £4.99*. Obviously this is perfect for any drink you want to take on the go as the lid is super secure so you can chuck it in your bag without worrying about any spills. It is also for shaking up the Bootea Shakes.


Now we have the Bootea Shake – £29.99*, containing 14 servings. These shakes are not meal replacements but are recommended to be drank in-between meals to help keep you full and stop you snacking. They are preservative and artificial flavouring free and have a mixed berry flavour so I can’t wait to try them out!


One of Bootea’s signature products, the Bootea 14 Day Teatox – £19.99*. I have heard so much about this teatox for so long, so I am super excited to try it out for myself! This tea claims to perform an intensive cleanse of your digestive system helping you to achieve the results you want; and as a result you can loose weight. I have started my teatox and will have a full review of it up when it’s completed!


Last but not least, Bootea Little Oats- £14.99*. This box contains 14 meal sized sachets of oats, that only need a little water! They provide a protein and fiber rich breakfast that keeps you fuller for longer, therefore preventing snacking. I had these for breakfast this morning with fresh strawberries and they were absolutely delicious, and really kept me full. 

Overall, I really think this box is amazing value as you save £22!! Keep you eyes out on my blog as you’ll see these appearing more! Have you tried Bootea?

Big Love, C .xx

* These products were very kindly sent to me by Bootea in exchange for my honest opinion!


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