For some reason one of my biggest skin problems is blocked pores. You know those really annoying tiny under the skin bumps on your face? The ones that aren’t spots but they’re just really annoying? Well, I have actually just started using a doctor prescribed cream to clear my skin, and I am absolutely loving it so far, but before I started using this I discovered the absolute best methods that helped me get rid of and reduce blocked pores significantly. Let me also tell you that I have tried everything, and I am not even joking, everything to clear my skin! So I can definitely tell you about the products that I have found most effective…


EXFOLIATING BRUSH – Blocked Pores are common for people with oily skin, and oily skin is common for people with olive skin like me. An exfoliating brush is very useful to rid your skin of excess oils and reduce your pores and provide exfoliation, therefore giving you super clean healthy looking skin. The exfoliating brush I use is the Magnitone Lucid Face Brush which I have had for a few months now. It’s absolutely brilliant at giving your skin a pamper and improving the overall tone, clarity and texture whilst helping to rid blocked pores.


SKINETICA* – I recently received a product that I hadn’t heard much about called Skinetica *£7, which claims to be a non toxic acne toner that also works as a makeup base and really works! Let me just start of by saying, WOW! This is the product that you seriously need if you want to get your skin under control fast! The first night that I used this, I woke up with significantly better looking skin and it just kept improving. Before I started the doctor prescribed cream on my skin, my skin hadn’t been so  good in so long and the only new product I had introduced was Skinetica; so I can really say that this stuff seriously works to clear up your skin and reduce blocked pores significantly.


STEAM YOUR FACE – For practically the whole of March and some of April I was off school with glandular fever and tonsillitis so I was seriously sick, and now I am writing this post whilst off school again as I have a cold so it’s flared up again 😦  Long story short, my step-dad bought me a face sauna to use as it would help my throat and airways clear. As well as being great when your ill, face saunas/steamers are a very good pamper treatment for your skin. Using a face steamer (or even putting your face over a bowl of hot water) will open up your pores and then using a face brush or exfoliating scrub straight after will really clear out your skin. I like to use my face steamer, then wash my face with my Magnitone Brush, then put on a clay face mask (I love the Spring Clean Mask from Amie) for a super deep clean that helps to clear out your pores.

So there are the methods that I find most effective to clear blocked pores and prevent any new ones..

What are your favourite ways to pamper your skin?

Big Love, C.xx



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  1. stashmatters says:

    Sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well!
    I like to use AHA to help slough off dead skin so they don’t clog my pores – I really like the Paula’s Choice Weekly Resurfacing 10% AHA for that – keeps my skin glowing and unclogged.
    Hope you feel better soon!

    1. aw thank you, I will check AHA out..thanks! x

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