Quite a while ago i wrote a post called 7.125 Billion Examples of Perfection and Counting which a lot of you really seemed to love and said it really helped you. So here goes another one..

Everyone is different. Okay? Everyone in this world is completely different, we are all our own person and we always will be. So always keep that in your mind. As long as you’re happy and healthy, that’s all that matters.

The Gatsby Effect. There’s something I recently came across called the ‘Gatsby Effect’ which is shown in the film ‘The Great Gatsby’. In this film, Gatsby basically thinks himself to success, he dreams and thinks of being rich and successful, to get the girl of his dreams, so much that eventually it happens. By doing this he motivated himself so much to make his dream become reality. This is a pretty controversial theory of being able to think yourself to success, and in all honesty I’m not sure if I believe it’s possible or not. What I do believe is that the more you dislike something about yourself, the bigger a problem it will become. For example I used to hate my voice SO much, but now that i’ve stopped thinking about how much i hated it, I have stopped hating it.. if that makes any sense? Another example, I used to seriously dislike my stomach because I thought it was too podgy, in the last few weeks I’ve stopped thinking about how much I dislike it and have got on with my life and the things I enjoy. You know what’s happened? I don’t see my stomach as being podgy anymore, obviously this has something to do with more exercise, healthy eating etc, but I honestly think that because I have stopped hating it so much, my body has got rid of it itself. I know by now your probably thinking ‘what is this lunatic going on about?’, but really try ’The Gatsby Effect’ for yourself and let me know what happens. Maybe the ‘thing’ won’t go away but you’ll feel a whole lot better about it.. I promise♡.

Big Love, C .xx


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  1. Beanie Russell says:

    Great blog post xx

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