♡APRIL 3RD 2015♡

It’s my birthdaaaaay, yay and it is ALSO my mum’s birthday♡ Yep, we share the same birthday, April 3rd! As you may or may not remember I am currently on a school ski trip in Italy, we leave Bardonecchia today so I will be spending my birthday evening on a coach which I am so delighted about…not! But anyway, this is the FIRST time that me and my mum haven’t been together on our birthday. I thought I would share my favourite picture of me and my mum on here, it’s from Summer 2013 and we’d just arrived back home in Dahab, (I still call it my home even though we moved back to england in 2007❤️). So, Happy Birthday Mummy, love you♡. xx



5 Comments Add yours

  1. happy Birthday, two beauties, sorry not been in touch been having bit of twitter break but always love reading your blog, have a wonderful celebration x love Leley x BeautifulMumsie xx

    1. aw thank you so much xx

  2. maddyamelia says:

    Happy birthday! Xxx

  3. stashmatters says:

    Happy Birthday to you and your mom!

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