In such a modernised world we can use technology for almost everything; social networks, blogging, videos/films, google, recipes, music, work, school..the list is endless! One of the great ways we can use technology is to keep up with our own fitness and health goals.

APPS – You may remember when I blogged about my own Fitness Routine I mentioned some apps that I use. I use two apps mainly, called 30DAYS and 30 Day Squat which help me to keep up with my 30 day challenges that I like to do along with my cardio and weights. There are so many different health and fitness apps that can be used in different ways, whether to remind you to workout, count your calories or keep you motivated. There are even apps to keep track of important health information like doctor’s appointments and prescriptions. Some companies like Oscar, a health insurance provider in New York and New Jersey, helps members get reminders and manage their medical information through an app. Oscar also offers their members a free Misfit wearable fitness tracker and gives members cash rewards for being active everyday!

CALENDERS – Reminding yourself to stay healthy and do some exercise can be as simple as just setting a reminder on your calendar on your phone/laptop/tablet.

INSPIRATION – You can find so much inspiration to stay fit and healthy online. Try searching up some fitness transformation stories with before and after pictures; they are brilliant ways to keep you motivated. There are some amazing fitness blogs out there that share ways you can keep fit, healthy recipes, the latest fitness gear and more. I recently discovered written by Faya, a personal trainer and fitness blogger; this is a great all round fitness blog.

WEARABLES – Wearables are some of the more obvious ways you can easily keep track of your fitness. There are so many different types of fitness equipment that can keep track of steps, calories, time, distance and more. Initially you might think these are quite a bit of money but I did notice simple pedometers in Primark for a few pounds. So if you’re wanting to invest in a slightly more expensive, advanced piece of fitness gear or a simple pedometer for a few pounds; it’s an easy way to keep fit and healthy.

YOUTUBE – As well as beauty channels, ‘charlie bit my finger’ and other funny videos, you can also find so many amazing fitness and health bloggers on youtube! My number one favourite is Cassey Ho from Blogilates, if you haven’t already heard of her then she posts video’s with so many different workouts and fitness tips! You can see her channel here and my favourite workout to do is Cassey’s ‘Ultimate Hot Body Workout’, that one is so worth giving a go!

I hope this post has given some inspiration on ways to start your own fitness journey with the help of technology!

How do you use technology to stay healthy?

C. xx

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