Healthy, Yummy Granola Breakfast!


So you want something filling, yummy, quick, easy AND reasonably healthy? Well, I have the perfect recipe. This is a super easy and quick, delicious breakfast idea that has endless variations!


2 Table Spoons of yoghurt (I love to use vanilla)

1 Small/Large (depending how hungry you are) handful of Granola

Some fruit for the top


All you do is spoon your yoghurt into a bowl/jar/mug, sprinkle the granola on top and then add your fruit! It’s so so yummy and has endless variations. This is a great breakfast as granola has lots of fiber in. Fiber is an indigestible starch that the body can’t absorb; so it keeps you fuller for longer. Although the whole breakfast is not super low in calories, because it keeps you fuller for longer it stops you wanting to snack on things.

What are your favourite things for breakfast?



3 Comments Add yours

  1. I love granola in the morning! I also like avocado on toast!

    1. Ooh I need to try that! x

  2. Beanie Russell says:


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