If you take a look at my blog’s logo it states that Cecily Loves Beauty is a beauty, fashion AND life blog. I recently realised that I hardly blog about my life; so I’ve decided to do that more! Today I’ve decided to share my current fitness routine. Before last summer I was going to the gym every day after school for at least an hour and seriously working out; but then just before my holiday I stopped working out and haven’t properly started again until recently. I have started getting back into a proper fitness routine so I decided to share it on here to keep myself motivated!

30 Day Challenges (both of the apps are free)

I’m currently doing the 30 day squat challenge (ohmygosh it’s killing me!!), the 30 Day Plank Challenge and the 30 Day Sit Up Challenge (but I do crunches instead of sit up’s sometimes). I use the apps 30 Day Squat and 30DAYS to keep track of these three challenges. In 30 Day Squat Challenge app it tells you how many squats you have to do (yesterday I did 90😵)  and then you tick the day off once you’ve done it. Maybe a bit TMI I but after 7 days of the squat challenge I can already see it working on my thighs and butt!


I use 30DAYS for the plank challenge and the sit up challenge. What I love with this app is that you tell it how many of the exercise you can do comfortably and then it structures the 30 Day Challenge to challenge you personally. As with the other app, you tick off the challenge after you do it and you can set it to remind you to do your challenges every day! With this app there is a huuuuge selection of 30DAY exercises to do so you can pick which ones suit you.

Cardio Exercise 

We have a treadmill at home so every other day I do 30 minutes of interval training on the treadmill before my 30 Day Challenges. Interval training is a type of cardio exercise with low- to high-intensity workouts separated with rest or relief period. On the treadmill I do 2 (or sometimes 5) minutes of fast running with the treadmill set at about 7.4, then 2 (or sometimes 5) minutes of fast walking with the treadmill at about 5.0 and continue for 30 minutes. Interval training is one of the most effective cardio exercises because it works your body hard. As your body and breathing begins to settle in the intervals, suddenly you go back up to a faster pace which works your body harder than just continuous running. Interval training can be done with any form of cardio exercise e.g. running, rowing, cross-trainer etc!

So that is my fitness routine at the moment.. I have lots of ideas for more fitness blogposts so let me know if you like these sorts of fitness posts and I’ll do more!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Miz Lulu says:

    I’m starting this today, i put it off yesterday cause i did my makeup before i thought about it 😛 I’m doing the squat and the abs challenge, i’ve seen some really great results !

    1. Great! I was really surprised how quickly I started to see results! 💋

      1. Miz Lulu says:

        That’s awesome to hear, i still haven’t started! Things got delayed, today is the day! xo

  2. Mea says:

    I have the 30 day challenge also but I find myself being too lazy to start. How do you motivate yourself to stay on track with everything?

    1. Hey Mea! I just keep telling myself “if it doesn’t burn then it’s not doing anything” to motivate myself to keep going. Then to motivate myself to start I just think of how I want to look in a bikini in summer💋 hope that helps xx

      1. Mea says:

        it actually does thank you, so do you work out everyday?

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