If you haven’t already guessed by the title..I have been blogging for a year! Well a year and a day to be specific. Honestly, I can not believe that it has already been a year; and what a year it has been!

I’ve mentioned this before but when I started ‘Cecily Loves Beauty’ I was hoping that maybe there would be a tiny chance of it getting 50 reads in a year. But 366 days on ‘Cecily Loves Beauty’ has thousands of you reading and enjoying it and I have no idea how it’s happened. I’m speechless at the amount of support you all have given me. ‘Cecily Loves Beauty’ has created so many amazing, exciting opportunities and it’s created something that I can honestly say I’m really proud of myself for starting.

This blog has turned into something I am so passionate about and it’s something that I genuinely enjoy doing. I love writing about beauty and fashion, and just things that I really love to hopefully create posts that you all enjoy reading.

All I can say is THANK YOU, so much for all your support and I’m so excited for what’s to come. Below I’ve listed some of my favourite blogposts I’ve written and ones that you all seem to love!

7.125 Billion Examples Of Perfection and Counting

The AW14 Lipstick You Need!

This Must Be The Place | Atelier 

KISS Products Launch – Home House


Get To Know Me | TAG

December Favourites

Big Love, Cecily .xx


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