The Big Colour: Blue Revival

‘For the first time ever, catwalk beauty isn’t guided by times or icons past; this season, it’s the girl on the street – you -who’s proving inspiration. The result? Easily done new looks. Time to Play’ – ELLE


Spotted backstage at Giles, Kenzo and Osman, blue made this season’s biggest comeback. Don’t be put off if statement eye makeup isn’t usually your thing – it’s a surprisingly flattering colour on all skin tones. The trick is to pair it with confidence.

When choosing a shade of blue ‘ Opt for one that doesn’t compete with your eye colour. Instead, choose a shade that provides a point of contrast, which makes your eyes stand out’ advises beauty guru Lisa Eldridge.

BLUE EYES: Instead of a full wash of colour, go for an electric blue mascara. This will not complete with your eye colour, but will accentuate your eyes.

BROWN EYES: Go for a bright blue eyeliner or eyeshadow to bring out the gold undertones in your eye colour. A light wash of bright blue eyeshadow is a perfect way to use this trend in day-time wear.

UNIVERSALLY FLATTERING: Deep, inky blue liner is the fail-safe way to use this trend. The darker colour and a matt finish will brighten the whited of your eyes.

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Big love, Cecily .xx


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Gina Potter says:

    love it Cecily xx

  2. caffhanna says:

    Totally Wow….
    Loving your advice. Thanks Cecily. X

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