My Photoshoot & Exciting News!

As I mentioned in my last post, when I went to Ireland for fashion week I also did a photoshoot. My uncle took the photos as he is a professional photographer. I had so much fun and I can’t wait to do more. Here are some of the photos!

photoshoot5 photoshoot4 photoshoot2 photoshoot1

AND NOW THE EXCITING NEWS! Two things. Firstly, I have been booked to model in a fashion show next month In Belfast, Ireland! It is with two amazing stylists Jamie Russell (not related to me haha!)  and Lewis Robert Cameron and fab interior designer Victor Branco. I am excited beyond words! I am in Ireland for 5 days, off school yayy, and will be blogging about the show I am in and a Max Mara show I am possibly going to the next night!

Secondly, you might remember back to a million years ago when I mentioned that I was thinking about starting a youtube channel….well I finally have! I’ve just uploaded my first video: ‘Mini Autumn Haul’ . Lots of the clothes from the photoshoot are also in the video. I hope you all will really like it and Subscribe, Like, Comment for more! Here’s the link : or you can click on the youtube icon on the top right of this page!

Big love, Cecily .xx


2 Comments Add yours

  1. beautiful photos and you are a beautiful young lady Cecily.
    Excited for you doing fashion show
    Amazing and well done
    Enjoy every single moment lucky girl x

  2. Gina Potter says:

    Really love this Cecily. You look stunning. Best weekend we have had in long, long time. See you next week for fashion show and shoot. Love Auntie Gina xx

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