Weight Loss Wednesday💪

I’m going to be starting a series on Wednesdays called ‘Weightloss Wednesday’. Each Wednesday (when I can) I will write about a weightloss tip that I’ve heard of or tried out. I’m not in any way saying that people should loose weight, just as long as you are healthy and happy that’s all that matters! I hope these tips will help you tone up if your trying to or even inspire you to start.


WATER!!! Drink water. I know it seems extremely simple but I’ve heard that your body stores lots of water weight and apparently if you drink a lot of water then you will shed this weight by flushing out your body.

Last week I decided one morning that I was going to test this out and drank as much water as I could manage throughout the day. The next morning I woke up with a completely flat stomach! Drinking loads of water obviously works for my body, I realised. I don’t expect that this technique will work for everyone but it will certainly do your body good by drinking lots of water. It will not only flush out your body and help to loose water weight, it will also benefit your skin.

If your not a fan of plain water, try adding some squeezed lemon juice to your water. Lemon water is great for detoxing your body, keeping your skin clear and also weight loss.

– Cecily .x


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  1. Miz Lulu says:

    So are you going to be doing updates on your weightloss and what is working for you? or just tips in general for people who want to lose weight?

    Green tea is a huge one, speeds up your metabolism and helps you digest. Drinking a cup of green tea a half hour to an hour after each meal will help you digest your meal and help get all of that food digested rather than sticking in your body 😀 i just repeated myself twice there LOL just woke up x


    1. I’m going to be doing tips in general for people who want to loose weight and also talk about what’s working for me! Thanks, must try that 🙂 x

  2. Gina Potter says:

    This sounds great. Starting this today as I need to lose a few pounds before Belfast Fashion Week show next Friday. See you then. Gina xx

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