Carpe Diem: Summer Bucket List☀️🌴

‘Carpe Diem’ means ‘Seize the Day’

I am super excited writing this post now because we are leaving to go on holiday tonight! This year we are going back to Dahab in Egypt where we used to live. I have friends that still live there and my best friend Charlie who lived there too but now lives in London is there at the same time with her Dad who still lives there. Our house there needs some renovation so we are staying in the apartment next door to Charlie. I am so excited to see my friends there, be living next door to Charlie and sharing a pool! Our apartment also has a rooftop jacuzzi which should be fun 🙂

1.  Go on a boat trip with friends in Dahab. 

2. Get tan lines!

3. Go in a rooftop jacuzzi.

4. Have a pool party in Dahab with glow sticks in the pool!

5. Try a new drink at Costa/Starbucks

6. Try out a new hairstyle.

7. Go skateboarding in Dahab.

8. See the sun rise.

9. Watch the sunset on the beach.

10. Jump of a boat into the sea!

11. Go swimming at midnight.

12. Take an airplane selfie!

13. Do the mermaid hair flip thing in water.

14. Get a henna tattoo. 

15. Jump in the pool with clothes on.

So there are my 15 things I want to have/do this summer. At the end of the holidays, I’ll do another blogpost with pictures from when I have done all (hopefully!) of those things. Hope you like the idea! .X



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Love this list! I was smiling just reading it!!

    Lovely : )

    And carpe diem is Latin : ) The poet Horace used it in his ode.

    1. Aw 🙂 Yes haha, whoops!

  2. Gina Potter says:

    What a lovely list. My fav one would be watch the sunset! Sounds bliss, have a great time. Love Auntie Gina 🙂 x

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