Charnos Hosiery | SS14

Whether you’re not keen on showing your legs or it’s just a very british summer where you are (cold &rainy!) Charnos Hosiery items are the perfect solution. They have a huge range of tights and hold ups.


Sequin Print Tights*                                                               Scroll Net Tights*

charnosholdups                                                             Lace Top Hold Ups*,  Simply Bare Hold Ups*

I didn’t know that you could get such high quality tights till I tried these out. I thought all tights were pretty much the same, but no! You can feel that these are all made of such high quality material and are so comfortable. These tights and hold ups are perfect for everyday wear or special occasions. Their whole range to suit every occasion  is on their website here.

– Cecily .xox

*I was very kindly sent these items, but opinion is 100% honest as always



One Comment Add yours

  1. Gina Potter says:

    Charnos hosiery looks stunning on your gorgeous legs! So glad I told you about this on Twitter, another fab review. Gina xx

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