Mavala : Spring Nails!


If you know me well, then you will know that I ALWAYS have my nails painted! I love wearing different nail colours and trying out different types. For this spring, bright nail colours are really on trend and these Mavala colours are perfect. I remember my Grandma always had long nail that she painted red, and Mavala was the brand she used, so I was very excited to try these out!

The colours are SAMARKAND*, BLUE CURACAO*, HONOLULU* and COOL SILVER*. They are all very vivid and 2 coats gives you a lovely bright colour. They do chip a bit but with the Mavala Colorfix* over they hardly chip at all. I find that some nail polishes with bright colour fade after a while, but the Colourfix top coat prevents any fading!

The Mavala Colorfix top coat works fabulously with the mavala Nail polishes to prevent chipping or colour fading. However, I don’t find that it helps stop any chipping with other nail polish brands.



                  HONOLULU           //     SAMARKAND         //    BLUE CURACAO     //       COOL SILVER

Applying 3 coats gives you a very vivid bright colour! The brush is very good quality and does not leave any streaks. The packaging is lovely and original. They have such a lovely glossy formula that doesn’t go gloopy when you apply more coats like a lot of other nail polishes can.


Overall, I am very impressed with these nail polishes! They are very good quality and so easy to apply. I definitely recommend them, you can find their whole range of nail care products here!


*These were very kindly sent to me for review


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  1. Jessica Pegram says:

    Nice post cecily!!! Nice nail polish coulors! 🙂 xx

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