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I am trying to grow my hair long at the moment, so I’m after the best hair products possible! I have recently been trying out the Envy Gentle Cleansing Shampoo and the Envy Gentle Detangling Conditioner and Dual fix 12.

The colours of the packaging of Envy products are very original and funky! I absolutely adore the smell of their products. it is a very citrusy fresh scent that stays on your hair quite a while.

Envy Gentle Cleansing Shampoo – £14.95 for 250ml*


This shampoo smells lovely. It lathers well and is easy to wash in and out. The only thing that I don’t like about this shampoo is that is leaves your hair with an odd texture until you apply conditioner. It leaves it almost squeaky but that goes once you apply the conditioner. But it does leave your head feeling fresh and clean. Overall, this is a pretty average shampoo with a very lovely smell.

Envy Gentle Detangling Conditioner – £14.95 for 250ml*


Again, this conditioner smells amazing! A little bit goes quite a long way with this. They recommend to apply it and then comb through your hair for optimum detangling, which I have been doing. It definitely gets rid of any tangles and leaves your hair very soft. Overall, I like this conditioner, it makes my hair so soft and I love the smell!

 DUAL FIX 12 – £19.95 for 200ml*


Dual fix 12 is a new product from Envy and here is the description from their website:

Envy Dual Fix 12 is a professional salon treatment that helps repair all hair types. Containing a perfect balance of silk proteins and keratin amino acids to target damaged areas and attract moisture to give long-lasting results.

You can apply Dual fix 12 as a regular treatment weekly or a monthly intensive treatment. To use it weekly you Shampoo hair, rinse, apply generously to wet hair, leave for 1 minute, rinse and condition as normal. To use intensively you Apply generously and evenly from roots to ends onto dry unwashed hair. Rough dry with hairdryer until completely dry. Rinse thoroughly, shampoo twice and condition as normal.

I have been using Dual Fix 12 weekly for a few weeks now and have already noticed an improvement in my hair. It is so much shinier, glossier and looks in such good condition after I use this. Dual fix 12 eliminates all fuzzy/frizzy bits that can appear when you blow-dry your hair. It’s so easy to apply and washes out well without any hassle. Overall, I am very impressed with this product and definitely recommend it!

Together, these have  definitely made my hair a lot softer and shinier. I am a massive fan of the smell of them all! You can find them all on their website here.

Thank you so much for reading, Cecily Loves Beauty reached 3k reads the other day….so that means a giveaway soon!

Cecily .xXx

*I was very kindly sent these for review, but reviews are 100% honest as always.


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  1. Rachel Josephson says:

    Brilliant review!!

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Tracy says:

    So pleased you love the products. The Shampoo’s “squeak” is a great description – it leaves your hair “squeaky clean”, getting rid of any product build up. You’re right, it feels weird compared to some shampoos but definitely cleanses the hair! xx

    1. Love the products! Yes exactly, squeaky clean 🙂 .Xx

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