ARgENTUM : la potion infinie


I recently received a very exciting product, La Potion Infinie created by ARgENTUM Apothecary. La potion infinie is the only products they sell. Before I start with the review I will warn you it is VERY expensive, but hopefully you will see why it’s worth it.

Here is the description of La potion infinie from their website:

La potion infinie  is 99.5% from natural originsComprising of Silver Hydrosol & DNA HP it is a super hydrating, restorative, anti-age cream. Its unique synthesis of powerful active ingredients will have a profound effect on your skin, resulting in an all-encompassing spiritual and physical treatment of wrinkles, facial blemishes and oxidative stress. Silver Hydrosol regulates skin flora with its natural anti-bacterial properties. DNA HP promotes cell regeneration, crucially the production of collagen and elastin and reduces lipid peroxidation. Its high molecular weight results in excellent absorption, enabling optimum hydration. This synergetic action results in tissue regeneration and acts as a powerful antioxidant – a bioactive formula, delivering a new experience for a visibly healthier complexion.

La Potion Infinie – ARgENTUM Apothecary – £147 for 70ml *


The packaging of La Potion Infinie is gorgeous. A glamorous looking box with a black glass jar of the cream inside. It also comes with a spatula that you can use to scoop the cream out. You get an archetype card with your cream, mine was ‘Explorer’. You can then go to their website to find out what your card means! The smell makes you feel like you have been transported to a luxury spa, I can’t get enough of it. I am hoping they make a perfume of it too!


It has a more runny texture than a lot of other face creams I have used and a little goes a long way. When you apply it to your skin you instantly feel a unique but pleasant tightening effect. La Potion Infinie is instantly absorbed and doesn’t leave your skin looking or feeling at all greasy through the day.

 La Potion Infinie is a face, eye and neck cream which can save you from having to buy three separate creams.

When La Potion Infinie arrived, my Mum gave me a proposal that if I shared the cream with her, by the time we had finished the pot if we loved it that she would but another one. We love it so much she has already agreed to buy another jar when we finish this one!


When I use it I feel like it smooths out the surface of my skin and creates a great base for any makeup. It leaves your skin looking radiant and feeling refreshed. When I wear this cream it makes me feel much more confident, enough that I don’t feel the need for any face-covering makeup. It leaves my skin looking even and smother when I use it too.

As this is an anti-ageing cream, but is also perfect for all age skin, my Mum has given me a quote of what she thinks of La Potion Infinie:

“I am 43 and I have pretty good skin, but we could always do with some extra help. I have never paid more than £40 for a pot of skin cream and was pretty sceptical about ARgENTUM, it looks like a lot of moneys gone into the packaging. However, I was amazed that the first time I used it my skin instantly felt tighter and looked brighter all day. It seemed to lift and get fresher and fresher through the day. My skin tone evened out and I felt confident enough not to wear any base. The only down side is that the effects do wear off if you stop using it for a few days. The smell is unbelievable and it lasts all day – absolutely beautiful. Can’t believe I am saying this but when this runs out I am going to buy another pot, its worth every penny and better than a BB cream!”


Overall, we both LOVE La Potion Infinie. it has been brilliant for both of our skin and we definitely recommend it.  It is completely worth the price and is unlike anything else I have tried.

Obviously not every product is perfect for everyone’s skin, so you wouldn’t want to spend £147 on La Potion Infinie then to find out your skin doesn’t like it. You can order a free 5ml sample sachet of La Potion Infinie, with free P&P to try out here or you can buy the full 70ml here. I would also recommend just taking a look at their website here because its really cool!

Would anyone like a giveaway soon????!!!!!


*I was very kindly sent this product for review


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  1. Rachel Josephson says:

    Brilliant review xxx

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Geraldine says:

    “Simply the Best”!!

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