Lipcote : Lipstick Sealer


If I had to choose between lip gloss and lipstick, I would go for the gloss. However, I do like to occasionally wear a lipstick when I feel like it. One problem that I am sure many people find with lipstick is that it just doesn’t stay very long! Which was why I was very excited to try out Lipcote*.

Award Winning Lipcote is the original lipstick sealer and claims to be the secret of long lasting lipstick. It has been recommended by top makeup artists and celebrities! It claims to prevent feathering, fading, smudging or transferring for up to 8 hours.

Lipcote – £3.99 * 


The packaging of Lipcote is very pretty. The tube of Lipcote looks classy and professional. It has a really lovely vanilla smell but does smell slightly of alcohol. With over 100 applications per bottle, a little Lipcote goes a long way.

It is very easy to apply Lipcote in a few easy steps:

Apply lip colour and blot with a tissue. Finish with a fine layer of Lipcote round the outline of your lips, then fill in over the rest of your lip-colour. Keep your lips slightly apart for a few minutes while Lipcote sets. You are then left with a lovely matte finish. If you want a more glossy finish you can apply a layer of lip gloss once Lipcote has set.

Overall, this products is fabulous! It definitely gives your lipstick staying power without feeling like you have anything extra on your lips. It is amazing value for money and definitely a lipstick lover’s must have!

Lipcote are currently doing a weekly competition called #postyourpout to win their weekly reviewed lipstick from the Lipcote Lipstick Finder . To enter:

1. Post your best pout on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

2. Add #postyourpout and tag them. Instagram: @lipcote , Facebook and Twitter: @lovelipcote .

3. Check back to Lipcote’s social media every Friday to see if you have won the lipstick of the week and a bottle of Lipcote!

I was thinking of making an Instagram account just for this blog, let me know if you would like that!


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*I was very kindly sent this product for review


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