Green People OY! 3-in-1 Cleanser


As I mentioned in my last post, I recently received some lovely Green People products. The other products I received was the OY! cleanser, makeup remover and moisturiser.

I love the packaging of this product. Its bright, colourful, practical and gives you all the information you need. It smells amazing and has a citrus, fresh scent. The Oy! cleanser, makeup remover and moisturiser is part of the OY! (organic young) range from Green People.

Oy! Is the first certified organic and fairly traded range for young skin. Oy! offers a unique range rich in natural spot-zapping key actives for a clear, blemish-free complexion and gentle, effective products for the body



To use as a cleanser you rub over your face and neck then wipe – no water needed. To use as a moisturiser you tap it into your face and neck.

I don’t use this as a daily cleanser as I prefer a face wash. But I use this as a cleanser when I want to remove makeup or just give my skin a bit of pampering. It leaves your skin smelling amazing and feeling and looking softer. It significantly reduces redness and appearance of any blemishes so I find it very useful when my face has small breakouts or is looking a bit dull. It is easy to use and is great for when you are in a rush!

20140416-063200 PM.jpg

Overall, I really like this product. It reduces redness and appearance of blemishes and refreshes my face. It’s so easy to use and very helpful that it removes all makeup too. Contains no gunk, junk or nasties, just pure natural goodness!


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*I was very kindly sent this product for review


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  1. Jules says:

    Interesting! Never seen a product like this before 🙂 Great review!


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