I am not one of those people who likes to wear a lot of face covering makeup,like foundation or concealer on a day-to-day basis. So, I have been looking for a light, natural looking coverage for my face and I have finally found it! The Lavera Organic Tinted Moisturising Cream*.

Here is the quote about it from their website:

Lavera Organic Tinted Moisturising Cream is perfect if you are looking for a light even coverage, a fresh looking complexion and an extra boost of moisture, keeping your skin hydrated. Lavera Organic Tinted Moisturiser is a combination of many organic nutrients, minerals and vitamins that your skin needs to keep it velvety smooth and looking its best.

The cream does exactly as it says it does! It gives you a light, natural and fresh looking complexion whilst keeping your skin hydrated through the day. It hasn’t caused my skin to break out like some other makeup products can. It is very easy to apply, you smooth it on just like a moisturiser but make sure to blend round the edges of your face to prevent any harsh lines.

The packaging is good. It is a 30ml tube with a pump on top. The lid stays on properly and is the perfect size to fit in a makeup bag.

20140406-031902 PM.jpg

I really recommend this to anyone who is looking for a light, moisturising base to use under makeup or by itself. You can find it for £12.90, along with their large collection of products, via Pravera here!


*PR sample

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