It was lovely to receive some StarGazer products! I received the StarGazer Creme Nail Polish in 506, StarGazer Baked Eye Shadow in Blush and StarGazer Eye Shadow in Glow Tan. They are all great quality and I have loved using them.


StarGazer Creme Nail Polish in 506 – £3


I LOVE this colour. It’s a really cute pastel turquoise, duck egg blue colour which is perfect for spring. The colour is really vivid but does need two coats to get the full effect. It has a nice long wand for easy application. It did chip quite a bit without a top coat but with a top coat it hardly chipped. The packaging is simple but nice and professional looking. It is very good quality for only £3 per polish! They have a very wide selection of nail polish colours so I would definitely recommend checking them out on their website here.

StarGazer Eye Shadow in Glow Tan – £4


This is a really lovely  natural warm brown colour. It is perfect for day-to-day use to give a subtle natural look, which is perfect for the barely there makeup which is trending this Spring. The colour isn’t extremely pigmented though so you have to apply a decent amount to be able to see it, but when you apply it well it gives a gorgeous matte finish! The packaging it just very simple but practical. I think £4 is an amazing price for this eye shadow. They have 57 different shades of this type of eye shadow so you are bound to find a colour you like! You can find them on their website here.

StarGazer Baked Duo Eye Shadow in Blush – £4


This duo consists of two very gorgeous pigmented, shimmery pink shades. One darker pink colour and the other a lighter, softer pink. You can swipe a brush over both to get some of each colour of you can use them separately, either way you get a great effect. I usually add the lighter pink over a natural matte eye shadow to perk it up a bit! I really like the packaging of this one. It looks professional and is nice and practical too. Again, £4 is an amazing price for this. There are 8 different duo’s of these on their website here and I would definitely recommend taking a look.

I really love all these products! You can find their whole range on their website:

I was thinking of doing a Spring 2014 Beauty & Fashion trends post, let me know in the comments if you would like that!



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Gina Potter says:

    Love these products! I’m actually wearing a similar nail colour by Rimmel this weekend, but must try Stargazer one. Such great prices. Love the Spring colours, so on trend! I would love to see a Spring 2014 Beauty & Fashion trends post from you. Can’t wait 🙂 xx

    1. Ohhh! Yes, I really recommend these ptoducts💕 xx

  2. I really love Stargazer too! That the baked eyeshadow is gorgeous! x

    1. Yeah, the baked duo eye shadow is lovely, really pigmented too💕

  3. They look really pretty! I haven’t heard of this brand before.

  4. Love the pink shadow!

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