My blog has now reached a thousand reads and I am oven the moon with happiness!! I can not believe that MY blog has that many. When I started my blog I was hoping for maybe 50 reads by the end of the year, but now a month on and I am at at 1,107 and counting!

As a thankyou to all my amazing readers, I have decided to host a giveaway of some of my favourite products I have talked about in my blog! The giveaway will be open to all UK and Northern Ireland readers only, sorry.

One lucky winner will receive these 4 of my favourite products!

20140223-022927 PM.jpg

1. My new favourite amazing bath bomb the LUSH Space Girl Bath Bomb, which I talk more about here!

 2. One of my favourite nail polishes, the Barry M ‘Bright Pink’ nail paint. I talk about it here!

3. My favourite Natural Collection Lip Gloss in ‘Turkish Delight’. I talk about it here!

4. The LUSH Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion-10g. I haven’t mentioned this before but it is absolutely amazing! It is quite light and sinks into your skin quickly, and not forgetting it smells lush!

20140223-034346 PM.jpg

So if you want to win all these goodies all you have to do is comment your favourite beauty products that you recommend below and/or tweet it using the hashtag #cecilylovesbeautygiveaway . If you comment and tweet let me know in one of them that you have done both! I will be picking one lucky winner, the competition will be open for one week only. Good luck!

You can share this post with the buttons below, the more entries the better!

Feel free to email any questions you have, email details on the Contact Me page.



21 Comments Add yours

  1. Jasmine Knapman says:

    Hey 😋 btw I LOVE your blog, it’s awesomeee 👍👍👍👍so my favourite products are…
    BABY LIPS HYDRATE because it leaves my lips softer and smoother but I can wear it to school as it’s clear!
    SCANDEL EYES EYELINER PEN because it can be thick or thin and is easy to apply! 💚
    BODY SHOP FACE SCRUB GRAPEFRUIT because it smells amazing and wakes me up😴
    Hope I win 😋😋

    1. Hey Jasmine, thankyou so much! I have just written all of those down on my products I want to try list 🙂 I love baby lips too xx goodluck

  2. Holly says:

    Hello 🙈
    Firstly I would like to say hi and I love your blog 🙊
    I would be honoured to win your give away
    As space girl is one of my favourite bath ballistics , and also I have been seeing the charity pot around but haven’t tried it yet so it would be nice to . Lush is one of my favourite stores also and it would be nice to add to my collection I have going in my bathroom . Also I am running low on pink nail varnish aha ! I need some new pinks and would love to try yours . Also I love natural collections lip stuff , I have tried this candy floss pink one before and would love to try your colour !💕

  3. Holly says:

    My favourite items :
    Dorothy bath melt . Definitely try it ,
    It releases lots of bubble and a lovely blue colour in your water and smells so good😍
    My fav lip scrub is the popc

  4. Holly says:

    Corn one as it tastes exactly the same . I have gone through 5 pots of them !
    MASCARA t favourite mascara is rocket
    It’s so good and stays for ages
    So yeah !

    1. Thankyou so much Holly!! I have actually just bought the natural collection rasberry ripple colour lip gloss but I might go and buy that one too! Thankyou for your entry and GOODLUCKKKK! xx

  5. I love, love, love your blog! I came across it a couple of weeks ago and I love it!<3
    My all time favourite beauty product has to be the maybelline rocket mascara! You really can't go wrong with it. Must have ❤
    Another couple of products I have been loving lately are the rimmel scandal eyes liquid eye liner pen and the MUA matte lipstick in peachy keen! Again a really great blog<3 Much love Izzy xox

    1. Thankyou so much Izzy! I love yours toooooo 🙂 I really like the MUA matte lipstick in ‘Pouty Pink’.
      Goodluck .xx

      1. Aw thanks so much too!  Hehe will have to try that one out some time 🙂 xx

  6. Gemma Stephenson says:

    I had trouble thinking of a way to start and had to re start a couple of times so I’m just gonna go straight on and tell you that my favourite beauty product is…. *drum roll please* body shop pomegranate lip barm. It gives your lips a natural shine without making them stand out with a bright colour, I love it! Although I have only been using it for a couple of days i have already fallen in love with it 🙂

    I love all the products on your giveaway and would love to win the space girl bath bomb as it is one of my favourite bath bombs from lush. I also love the charity pot hand and body lotion and I think it will be very useful because my hands always get very dry and I think that is just the thing I need to make my hands Lovley and soft (hopefully 🙂 ) I have also been I need of some new good quality nail polish and the Barry m pink colour looks perfect I love the colour too… And I love the lip gloss because I’ve seen you wearing it and I think it looks lovley and would love to have one of my own.

    Thanks love your blog keep writing… Gemma Xx

    1. Thankyou Gem!! Goodluck xxx

  7. Amy says:

    Love your blog. It’s such a cute design and fantastic product info 🙂
    My top beauty products are;
    Laura Mercier body lotions, especially the fig.
    No7 Beautiful skin with muslin cloth
    No7 perfect match foundation
    Rimmel Wake me up concealer
    Lush “confident” lip stain – this stuff is beautiful and mixed with a little lip balm is a “lush” lip tint if you don’t want to go so bold

    Keep up your blog. Love it xxx

    1. Thank you so much Amy! Those products sound great, Good luck xxx

  8. Alanna Smith says:

    Hiya Cecily, it’s me! I’m really excited about your giveaway, I think it’s a great idea!!! Also your blog is REALLY good! – I always read your new posts. And there’re not cheesy or boastful, like some peoples!
    I have SOOOOOOO many fave beauty products so I found it hard……
    FACE/EYES: Lancôme clarifying cleanser pearly foam, that keeps your skin soft and clean! Cosmetic worrier face mask from Lush, amazing! The Rimmel London mascara and Lancôme liquid eyeliner is perfect eye makeup!
    NAILS/HANDS: Rimmel London nail Polish is great because it dries quickly and hardly chips! And ginger sparkle hand cream (which you already have!!)
    HAIR: the Rehab shampoo smells amazing and is really good at cleaning hair! And the R&B hair moisturiser is good but kinda makes my hair sticky, but may be ok for yours. (but I wouldn’t buy it just in case, but you could test it!) – both from Lush.
    LIPS: The No 7 pink lip gloss is really good, it isn’t that sticky at all and makes your lips shiny and moisturised! I also love the popcorn lip scrub!
    I’m sorry if I have written too much, I just couldn’t choose! I think all your giveaway beauty products sound amazing especially the Turkish delight lip gloss and the space girl bath bomb!!!
    Carry on with your blog because it’s really good and I still need to try your DIY face mask and lip scrub!!!!
    Love Alanna xx

    1. Hey Alanna!! Thank you so much for your massive comment hehe. I really want to try all of those…..goodluck 🙂 see you tomorrow xxx

  9. I am awful with makeup, but love lipgloss in every sort! My current guilty pleasure is a chocolate milkshake flavor lipgloss from Gap! Haha!

  10. Gina Potter says:

    I really love Daniel Sandler watercolour blushers! Last all day and give a natural look, just a little goes a long way. Also can’t live without YSL Touche Eclat concealer, great for covering dark circles. I really LOVE your blog. So, so proud of my gorgeous niece. Hope you come to Belfast soon for a wee shopping trip! Love Aunty Gina xx

    1. Thankyouuuu! I really need to try the Daniel Sandler range 🙂 Hopefully see you soon xxx

  11. Jasmine Knapman says:

    Are you going to do another giveaway? 😋

    1. Yeah! I am actually already planning the next one which is going to be very soon. I think it might be a themed one…maybe Easter themed! X

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