WOW, I have done a lot of posts on LUSH products recently! As you can probably tell it’s one of my favourite shops.

For today here is a review on one of my new favourite Lush bath bombs called ‘Space Girl’. It is £2.25 from the Lush store, and I am pretty sure it is their cheapest bath bomb. I have no idea why because it is absolutely amazing!

                  20140221-104718 AM.jpg          20140221-104740 AM.jpg

It is a light purple colour planet shape and has red sparkles all over the top. Just a tip, when you put it in the bath DO NOT drop it from a high height like I did because it splashed red sparkly water all over the white walls in the bathroom! But don’t worry if you do, it comes off……phew!

It smells sweet and fruity and a little bit parma-violety. When you (carefully!) drop it into the bath, it fizzes so much and whizzes around your bath, its amazing! It then leaves your bath a deep purple colour with sparkly red glitter over the top. Your bath will also smell amazing whilst you relax!

                                      20140221-105844 AM.jpg

It left my skin velvety soft and softened and refreshed my face.

I really recommend this bath bomb because it is one of my favourites, and the price is amazing for what it is!

I was thinking of doing a giveaway competition when I reach a thousand reads!! Would anyone like that?

Thankyou for reading.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Amria says:

    I must try this asap! Haven’t seen it till now on your blog, they are probably mostly sold out because they are the cheapest.

  2. Paul says:

    Yes I’d like it. Paul

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