As I mentioned in one of my last posts, I have dyed my hair with the LUSH Caca Brun hair henna. It is £8.25 from the LUSH shop. It comes in 6 blocks which you then bash up ( I used 3 because I have medium lenght hair) and add to hot water to form a paste. You then apply this all over your hair and wrap it up for a redder colour or leave it open for a more brown colour.


Here is the product description from their website :

We think using henna to colour hair is a fabulous natural alternative to dye, and it’s a cinch to get sensational results without using any synthetic ingredients.

Our bricks are made using the finest-quality Persian henna, conditioning cocoa butter and gorgeous essential oils that leave your hair looking and smelling fabulous. Available in four shades, Brun contains indigo and a pinch of ground coffee to tint your hair a deep chocolate brown colour, with nettle powder to tone and soothe the scalp. Irish moss powder turns this solid dye into an easily applied paste when mixed with water.

I absolutely love the results! My hair used to be dull and different streaky colours, but now the henna has returned my hair to nearly its natural colour, but enhanced. It has made it very shiny brown with some lighter blondy red streaks and I LOVE it! The henna has also left my hair in very good condition. It is now super soft and very shiny. Even after washing my hair multiple times, it is still so so so soft I can’t believe it and it’s still very shiny.

20140215-030351 PM.jpg

I am definitely going to be using the other three blocks of dye when this fades, I really recommend the Lush hair henna if you want shiny and soft hair!

Has anyone used this before???



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