DAY 1 & 2 | TEAtox


I am actually writing this whilst sitting in a steamy bathroom leaving LUSH caca brun hair henna on my hair……..hehe!

I ordered the TinyTea 14 day TEAtox ( £20.00 ) from and it arrived two days ago! Their TinyTea TEAtox is a 14 day detox that claims to do wonders for your body, just by you drinking two cups a day! This is the description from their website :

My intricately balanced herbal blend will nourish and cleanse your digestive system, providing it the support it needs to replenish and restore back to its natural state. This cleanse will assist with reducing weight, easing bloating, increasing digestion functionality, improving skin clarity, increasing energy levels and alleviate issues associated with food intolerances. Formulated with Chinese medicine herbs and based upon Chinese medicinal principles, TinyTea is the only herbal cleanse on the market that does not produce a laxative effect. TinyTea has been created by qualified Chinese Medicine practitioners with considerable years of experience.

                     wpid-P_20140208_090808.jpg                      wpid-P_20140208_090822.jpg

DAY 1 & 2

wpid-P_20140208_091817_1.jpgDAY 1, my first cup of TinyTea! The smell is quite herbal, but not too strong. It is mostly the colour of black tea but there is a green/purple tint.  The first time I tasted it I wasn’t really sure if I liked it, but now I find it quite relaxing. To be honest it doesn’t really taste of much, but it has a subtle herbal taste.  It’s a taste that I feel like I could become addicted to! I didn’t feel or look any different on day 1.

DAY 2, today. I still like the smell and taste. I do not feel any different but I think my stomach feels firmer and I actually think it looks the tiniest bit slimmer! No big changes so far, but everything is going well!

I hope you will like these posts over 14 days! Has anyone tried this or something similar?

Thankyou for reading! .x


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  1. Anonymous says:

    if you tummy looks skinnier form two days! im trying this!

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