A lot of people said they enjoyed my last DIY post, so I decided to do another one! Lip products are one of my absolute obsessions. I am a lip product hoarder. Lip balms. Lip gloss. Lipstick. Lip Scrub. The lot!

I have been loving to use lip scrubs recently but mine are running out :(. So I have experimented (again) and come up with a fairly simple, great smelling, yummy tasting lip scrub! Heres how.


Mix 1 table-spoon of sugar (You can use granulated or castor sugar, whichever you prefer. I used granulated!),  half a table-spoon of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of honey, half a teaspoon of vanilla extract or flavouring and as much colour as you want, if any. If you do use colour I suggest not using blue or anything that wouldn’t look natural on your lips as the colouring can tint your lips a bit!


Once It’s all mixed up, put it into a little pot, jar or you can keep it in the bowl. Use lip balm after using the lip scrub to keep your lips hydrated!

Hopefully you liked this DIY! Let me know if you might try this in the comments or tweet me ( you can find my twitter with the twitter icon at the top of this page!)

Soon I will be doing the 14 day Tiny Tea TEAtox! When it arrives I will be doing  short posts everyday for 14 days to let you know how its going and if it really works!  You can find out more at their website .

Thankyou for reading .x


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