Recently I have been loving using all types of different facemasks, but when I ran out of shop bought ones I thought I would have a go at a homemade mask. It turns out my homemade mask is one of the most effective facemasks I have EVER used. It cleans your face, reduces redness and leaves your skin silky soft, with only two simple ingredients…..Natural yoghurt and an Orange.


MAKING IT: In a bowl, add a few dollops of Natural Yoghurt and squeeze some orange in. Stir! ( You can use some of the orange pulp too )

APPLYING IT: I would suggest washing your face before using the facemask because it feels a lot cleaner. Tie your hair back, if you have baby hairs round your hairline ( Like me! ) you may also want to use a headband.Using either the back of a spoon, a large makeup brush or your fingers spread the mask over your face as thick as you want. Now sit back, relax and wait!

LEAVING IT ON: You can leave it on for 5-15 minutes (obviously the longer you leave it on for, the more effective it will be). But DO NOT leave it on for longer that 15 minutes because it will leave your face very dry.

TAKING IT OFF: I prefer to soak a flannel under hot/warm water, rinse it out then lay it on my face pressing it down for a few seconds then removing. It takes off most of the mask but you can rinse the rest!

Make sure to moisturize after using the mask to keep your skin hydrated and soft!

I hope the facemask is as good for you as it was for me! Thankyou for reading .x


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  1. Gina Potter says:

    Another very well written blog! Very proud of my beautiful niece 🙂 Gina x

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