I hope you all are having a lovely (not to boring) week so far, and if not here is a quick mid-week post to hopefully cheer you up. So far this week I have been loving two Natural Collection products, their shimmer pink nail polish and their lip gloss in turkish delight.

The Shimmer Pink nail polish is a very light subtle pink, with silvery sparkle. I absolutely love the colour of this polish because it’s very light, but still noticeable. It is not watery/see-through like most other sparkly polishes. I am amazed that it has not chipped at all, even after showering. ( I used two coats and a clear polish on top).

The lip gloss. Now I actually bought this for my mum as one of her christmas presents, but I got home and loved the colour far too much to give away….so I just had to keep it! Apart from the sparkly red/pink colour, my favourite thing about this lip gloss is that is not at all sticky and it’s so easy to apply.

                  wpid-P_20140121_162639.jpg                         wpid-P_20140121_162610_2.jpg

I hope you liked this mid-week post, there will be another post this weekend as usual! Let me know what you thought in the comments if you like!  

PS: You can now comment without having to put your email down……andddd you can follow my blog via email, just click the button on the side.  

Thankyou for reading! .x          


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  1. ANNE Tweedie says:

    Good to know. It’s always great if someone tries a product and can give an accurate value of what they thought of it. Thanks

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