At the moment I have a few skin care products that I am really enjoying, and maybe some of you would like them too!

 Soap & Glory: The Righteouse Butter. ( £10.50 ). This is their award-winning body butter with softening shea butter and aloe vera. I got this quite a while ago in a big soap and glory gift bag, but have only just rediscovered it in my dressing table. I have been using it after a bath or shower and have not been disappointed. It is a really thick and creamy body butter, and is perfect for moisturising your skin.  Unlike a lot of body butters it is not greasy at all so you don’t have to wait around for it to soak it. The scent is very fruity and girly, but not sickening sweet. It is such a great product and I would definitely recommend it!


Clean & Clear: Dual Action moisturizer. ( £3.99 ). This is their oli-free moisturizer that helps prevent spots and blemishes. I have been using this moisturiser in the morning and the evening after I wash my face, and have been super happy with the results. It has visibly improved my skin and really does what it claims too. It soaks in very fast and  is very gentle and fragrance and oil free. It doesn’t leave my face greasy even through the day, unlike a lot of other moisturizers. This has been so good for my skin so I really recommend it!


The Body Shop: Ginger Sparkle Hand Cream. ( £2.00 small one ). This was one of their christmas/winter specials, so unfortunately they do not sell it anymore…..but hopefully they will next year! This has been one of my must haves for going out and about or to school and I absolutely love everything about it. It instantly moisturizes your skin and soaks in quickly, leaving your hands velvety soft and smelling fabulous. It has a gingery chocolaty smell, which I personally love. This is such a great product so I would definitely recommend keeping an eye out for it this christmas time! 


I hope you liked this post, or maybe you are thinking about trying any of these! Thankyou for reading and let me know what you thought in the comments .x


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